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Top Events in Zurich

May 16th 2019 – May 26th 2019
The Zurich food festival sure to tickle your taste buds.
ESAF - Federal Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2019 in Zug
May 23rd 2019 – May 25th 2019
The Federal Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival is the largest sporting event in Switzerland and takes place every three years in a different location. In 2019, it will be held in Zug, very close to Zurich.
blues’n’jazz Rapperswil
June 14th 2019 – June 15th 2019
The open-air festival by Lake Zurich thrills with its great concerts and spectacular backdrop.
Zurich Pride Festival
June 14th 2019 – June 15th 2019
Colorful, loud and joyful – at Zurich Pride, the LGBT community demonstrate for their rights, with the widespread support of the people of Zurich.
July 5th 2019 – July 7th 2019
Things heat up at Caliente! Europe’s largest Latin festival creates a lively ambiance, with its South American music, cuisine and market stalls.
"Züri Fäscht"
July 5th 2019 – July 7th 2019
Anyone who misses Switzerland’s largest festival, the "Züri Fäscht", from July 5–7, 2019 will have to wait another three whole years before they have the chance again.
Ironman Zurich
July 21st 2019 – July 21st 2019
The Ironman event in Zurich brings together athletes from over 70 countries.
Street Parade
August 10th 2019 – August 10th 2019
At the largest techno parade in the world, hundreds of thousands of ravers dance around Zurich’s lake basin.
Zürcher Theater Spektakel
August 15th 2019 – September 1st 2019
13 stages and over 40 current theater productions from all over the world in 18 days – the "Zürcher Theater Spektakel" is a highlight in Zurich's cultural calendar...
Zurich Openair
August 21st 2019 – August 24th 2019
Every year, the only open-air concert with its own airport thrills electro, rock and pop music fans with international acts.
Weltklasse Zurich
August 30th 2019 – August 30th 2019
Olympic gold medalists and world record holders meet at the summit of track and field in Zurich.
slowUp Zürichsee
September 22nd 2019 – September 22nd 2019
Whether by bike, on inline skates or on foot – at slowUp Zürichsee everything is allowed that is operated solely by muscle power.
Zurich Film Festival
September 26th 2019 – October 6th 2019
The Zurich Film Festival offers a platform for the most promising filmmakers from around the globe.
International Short Film Festival Winterthur
November 5th 2019 – November 10th 2019
At this festival, the main focus is on the short film. And the movie that wins here is automatically nominated for an Oscar in the Short Film category.
December 8th 2019 – December 8th 2019
Every year at the beginning of December, around 300 people swim across the freezing-cold Limmat river to collect money for charity.