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Text responses

5/5May 22nd 2021
«It was a pleasant stay. Everyone was kind. COVIS precautions were in place. I felt safe and welcome. The location of the hotel could not have been any better.»

5/5April 15th 2021
«In this time of COVID we were happy to find this great place»

3/5April 10th 2021
«Nice Hotel perfectly in the center of the shopping. Nice rooms, very good the consierge fast solving problems, dinner proposal not so good, even if in the Covid Period. »

4/5April 4th 2021
«Great stay but not without big issues. We bought a package to include a fine dining restaurant dinner - we were sent to eat in a meeting room, not the lovely dining area, made us all feel like second class citizens, this was repeated for breakfast the next morning then, miraculously we got to use the far nicer dining room for the next day - pretty terrible. over the dinner the waiter informed us we could switch dishes from the set menu and the a la carte one, which we did however, it wasn't made clear that we'd pay double - which we did. This leads me to the big problem that will prevent our return or recommendation. We were overcharged, some items were acknowledged and refunded, others weren't and to be truthful that upset me a lot. I put trust above all else, money isn't important. The attitude of the staff at check out was disgusting, refusing to accept any blame and to top it all I had to collect my own car despite paying for parking and being told it would be brought to us. Such a shame as we enjoyed the stay (despite being sent to a dull, featureless room for our meals) and would have certainly stayed again.»

4/5November 15th 2020
«The rooms are very nice. The location is ideal. The beds were very comfortable. We had a lovely time. The minor inconveniences are as follows. The air conditioning did not seem to work so the room tended to be a bit stuffy at night. The lighting in the room takes getting used to. Regardless it is not intuitive at all. The light switch from the bed turns the lights off but does not turn them on again???? Would have been nice to have a shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom. The breakfasts were just okay for the quality of the hotel. The bread was clearly heated rather than freshly cooked. The boiled egg I had was as hard as rock rather than a soft boiled egg. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend. Thank you.»

5/5November 5th 2020
«appreciable gentleness and efficiency at the reception»

5/5November 2nd 2020
«Very good service overall. To understand the lighting system in the room is a problem, especially the bathroom at night.»

5/5August 22nd 2020
«Très bonne situation, magnifique jardin/terrasse/ accueil souriant/jolies chambres»

3/5May 24th 2020
«Awesome location, rooms cleaned and nice. But the service (in breakfast, valet service or bar) lacks in efficiency and presence.»

5/5March 9th 2020
«Muy bien situado»

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